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After near death Denny Morrison is not just surviving, he is hungry

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Originally appeared at Olympic.ca “Just breathe, just breathe.” These are the critical words paramedics repeated on May 7 to Olympian Denny Morrison after his motorcycle careened into a left-turning car at a Calgary intersection. .@ColleenDeNeve photo of crash. Motorcycle knocks car on side. "I don’t know how the driver survives that,” says Sgt pic.twitter.com/lIQTsn2ieb — Annalise Klingbeil (@AnnaliseAK) May 8, 2015 In photographs large pieces of metal and plastic surround the eviscerated carcass of Morrison’s motorbike. As if it’d been tossed in a …

Prospect Tobias Lindberg scoring and comfortable at the Memorial Cup

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Originally appeared at the Official Website for the Ottawa Senators. On Tuesday night at the Memorial Cup, Tobias Lindberg scored a goal he’s been working on for a long time. The 19-year-old Senators’ prospect took a pass from linemate Sam Harding, and the two rushed up the ice to form a full-speed 2-on-1. Crossing the blue line on left wing, Lindberg widened his stance and toe-dragged neatly around the flailing stick of sliding Kelowna Rockets’ defenceman Cole Martin. Then, completing …

Play as you are: Olympians set positive goals for LGBTQ in Canadian sport

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Originally appeared at Olympic.ca The news: On Tuesday the Canadian Olympic Committee announced plans to foster LGBTQ inclusivity in national sport. The #OneTeam Athlete Ambassador program will hit schools to speak about mental fitness and equality, supported by a first-ever school resource on LGBTQ issues. Egale Canada, the foremost national charity promoting LGBTQ human rights, is on board to guide all programs and resources. Plus, a partnership with You Can Play rounds out a great top line. In good form, the COC is also taking …

Olympic.ca: The Sochi plan and the hockey team that won with it

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Originally posted at Olympic.ca We all sort of chuckled when Canada’s men were playing ball hockey in the summer. It was strange yet familiar, there was something about insurance, and it looked fun. But when Mike Babcock had the floor, he was dead serious. They were working. That work showed up in Sochi. The red machine got rolling. Canada won this tournament by allowing only three goals, not by scoring buckets. When Crosby flew in alone on Lundqvist tonight, it was novel. …

Olympic.ca: Contrasting Cowboys: The differences between Canada’s medal-chasing alpine men

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If cowboys in the wild west come in all varieties, then maybe it makes sense the Canadian ski racing buckaroos are all so different. A silver medallist at 2013’s test event in Sochi, Ben Thomsen is a ‘scrappy skier’ according toJan Hudec, who along with Manny Osborne-Paradis are both unapologetic race horses. Using training runs to figure out the course. Erik Guay subscribes to the contrary, “I believe that it’s good to train like you race,” he says, “I like to approach every training run like …

Sochi 2014: At the Olympic Winter Games and ready for sport

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Floating on a plane to Sochi, by way of Frankfurt and well, since it can’t be that easy, Moscow too. 23 hours of travel began with a delightfully unhelpful woman at check-in. And the soupy stew from the fancy iPad-lined bar near the gate was worse than my awful cooking. And it’s making my stomach turn as we bobble through the air on a decently uncomfortable flight. And yet I live for this. I’ve been grinning ever since I caught …

Sochi 2014: Favourite goals of three Olympic hockey gold medallists

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Before their gold medal win in Sochi, I asked three of Canada’s hockey legends their favourite Olympic goals. The answers are interesting and Jayna Hefford’s is even a little prophetic.

OLYMPIC.CA: #WeAreWinter films are a bold take on our most defining season

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We all know winter. She spouts wisps of her essence through cracks in autumn’s resolve, before rising at once, to invade the damp decay. When winter arrives, it’s here to stay. And we settle in, not just to survive but to thrive in spite. And I’d dare say we do. Some even relish the season. Who hasn’t taken a slicing blast of wind that hurts like a hard slap, licked your lips and through a half-smile thought, “Is that all …

Sochi 2014: Canadian athletes on becoming Olympians

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On the road to Sochi, I’ve been asking athletes what it took to become an Olympian, and what it means to finally get there. Their answers are all different. And seriously full of heart and soul.

Olympic.ca: Hamilton Ticat star chasing Grey Cup & Olympic glory

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When the 101st Grey Cup begins this Sunday in Regina, it’ll feature one man with very special extra experience. Not long ago Hamilton Ticats wide receiver Sam Giguère was at a tough place in his football career. It was the end of 2011 and the New York Giants had just sent him home, officially ending his fourth attempt to make the NFL. Giguère was also injured, he tore his groin while with the Giants. Continued at Olympic.ca

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