Big day at hoops and getting told off by a legend!

Girls 3-on-3 basketball, awesome venue

Headed down to the *scape venue this morning for some 3 on 3 hoops!

I attended with our Chef de Mission Carol, and our team doctor, Dr. Dory, to check out our girls play Korea in their 3rd prelim. game!

Basketball here at the Youth Olympic Games is a bit of a different format than at other tournaments. The girls and guys play 3-on-3 half court, 10 minute stoppage time, (split into two 5-minute halves), with 1 sub and a 10-second shot clock. Straight up streetball, more or less. It is SICK! The venue is in the heart of Singapore, right at the end of Orchard Road, really loud and with a 10 second shot clock there isn’t too much time between plays!

Our girls killed it, they gave nothing up inside and so the Koreans had to put up hopeless 3 balls all game long. The final score was 20-6 and it was a big win because it helps cement a birth in the medal round. Next up is Russia, which means they’ll have to keep the game tight, but the way it looked today is a good sign.

In the evening I finally made it to the pool. Our two girls, Tera and Rachel won Gold and Bronze. I also sat a few rows behind Alex Popov, which was nice. Legend. He actually spoke to us! But wait, there’s more. Brian and I were cheering on the girls over the last 50, with periodic “hups!” every time they took a breath. Apparently in the Guest stands at the Olympic Games you are not supposed to cheer. Or at least not loudly! The entire section turned around and Mr. Popov shouted, “They can’t even hear you!” Hahaha, so my first interaction with a childhood hero was to be told, basically, “be quiet!” Haha oops.

Anyways, the Culture and Education program keeps rolling. As some athletes finish their competition there is more and more activity down in the Village square. It is amazing to see the colours, of all types there. The booths, the stage, and those colourful things without object, like the positive interactions between people from all over the world. It’s nice. I wish I could show it to everyone I care about, because it is a unique sight.

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  1. Phil D

    Can’t believe that Popov story! At least you got to “interact” with the guy!

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